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Titan Manufacturing, as the only OEM, is now introducing a modern Series of Wheel Polishing Machines. The T-2 will compliment your space requirements with a smaller footprint and uses the same proven hard-parts method of manufacturing proven in today’s environment. Concerns about a debris collector? Try the Grizzly out.

The T-2 is on deck ready for your use, as of Summer of this year 2016. It will provide an even smaller footprint and be a lightweight model for the popular Mobile Polishers on the road. It can be powered with an EPA approved Generator or a single receptacle 220VAC plug.


Please note, that all of our Machines use the same proven motors, and that the Electronic Controls and the design methodology Titan has used, is basically the same for over 42 years!

Titan Manufacturing is the most respected designer and manufacturer of heavy duty wheel polishing machines. Titan pioneered the industry 42 years ago, and the standard that we set then is still unmatched. Since 1974, our polishing machines have been restoring worn and corroded aluminum wheels to a like-new finish. Within 30 minutes, users of our patent pending machines transform even the most highly worn rims to a bright, mirror finish.

Instead of gouging and damaging your rims with messy, dangerous, and laborious hand polishing, let our wheel polishers safely transform even the most badly damaged rims to their original shine in a fraction of the time. Achieve consistent professional results with no heavy lifting, no hard work, and no elbow grease. Just roll the wheel into position, and let the World’s original wheel polisher turn your aluminum wheels from worn to new.

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