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America’s Original Tire ON/Off Rim Polishing Machine. the Mark Series T2 Truck Wheel Polisher

The Mark Series or 43 years now,  has set the standard as the most powerful polishing system on our planet and restore your rims to like new. The TITAN Mark T2 polishes worn and dirty aluminum wheels to a bright, mirror finish in a fraction of the time it takes to do them by hand.  Our Mark T2 Polisher allows you to work on the rim without even breaking the bead. Or you can even clamp straight to the rim. It is even a machine you are able to maintain on your own!

T2 Arbor & Cover
T2 Arbor and Cover
T2 Backside
T2 Backside
T2 Boom Shroud Motor
T2 Boom Shroud Motor
T2 Boom
T2 Boom
T2 Electric & Back of Table
T2 Electric and Back of Table
T2 Front of Boom & Shroud
T2 Front of Boom and Shroud
T2 Front of Table
T2 Front of Table
T2 Switch Plate
T2 Switch Plate


❖ Air-clamp any commercial 16″ to  24.5” rim &/or 43” tire.

❖ CW & CCW rotation, variable speed 1-15 rpm turn & 110 degree tilt table.

❖ 800-2000 rpm, cutting, buffing & and polishing with easy precision. Includes Titan’s Arbor Shield.

❖ Arbor 3-phase 7000 watt, 6-pole, Inverter Duty-IDC Select Motor with single-phase input option.

❖ Complete access to all areas of rim for high quality finish.


 ❖ Full control of buffing wheel position with adjustable handle.

❖ Polish w/o breaking the bead, with TITAN’s “VALVE-STEM HITCH”.

❖ Any mechanic can maintain and operate this machine!

❖ Requires an 11′ x 11′ room, with a 8′ x 6′ machine footprint.

❖ Manufactured & assembled in TEXAS.

The Mark 1 also polishes rims with or without a tire on the rim.

We manufacture machines that can polish any size rim ranging from 14 inches to 42.5
inches. Our machines can polish rims with the tire on or off.

The Mark T2 polishes rims with or without a tire on the rim.

Not having to remove tires means less time, less effort, and less expense. Our patent pending “valve stem hitch” allows the rim to easily be polished in the area of the tire’s Schrader valve.

Our machines utilize a high speed polishing wheel and a rotating table that holds the rim. The polishing table tilts to any angle in a 100 degree range or 270 on the Mark T. The  vertical position allows the rim to be leaned onto the table. No lifting is required.

The table rotates the rim just as a record player spins a record. As the table rotates, a heavy duty Nord gearbox allows the table to be precisely tilted to any angle. This allows the high-speed polishing wheel to access every inch and contour of the rim. Flap-wheels, sisal wheels, and cotton buffing wheels are easily attached to the slide mounted, farm duty motor. Everything is American made.

After the polishing is completed, (approximately 15 to 30 minutes), the table tilts back to a vertical position which allows for the polished rim to be leaned off the table.

The speed of the polishing wheel and the rotation of the table are independently controlled by computerized Hitachi speed controllers which alter the frequency of the electric current to give precise control over the pace of the process.

The table is constructed with North American steel which is plasma cut and assembled using gusset-reinforced welds. The 3 phase, 10 horsepower polishing motor can use either a single or three-phase power supply. All machines carry a warranty and require no maintenance. They are equipped with safety shut-off switches, and all electrical components and moving parts are contained in secure housings to ensure safety with accessibility. There are no hidden workings or mechanisms.

All our polishers are easy to install and operate. A novice can learn to polish rims like a pro in a few weeks. If you desire, we can provide staff that will assist you with installing the machine and learning how to operate it.